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Get your house connected with the fastest internet speeds on the market today.


Don't be afraid of working outdoors because of loss of signal. We get you connected anywhere

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Data servers tailored for internet traffic of any size. With our servers your website will never go down

The First In Technology

Our core business is in the provision of bleeding-edge ICT solutions. We are uniquely positioned to do this because of our effective team of highly innovative individuals.

Axanet is a subsidiary of AXA Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, which  is a 20-year old now-diverse company that started with advertising.

Axanet's current major thrust is to bring fast and affordable internet connectivity to the people. Leveraging on the power and blistering speeds of fibre optics. Fibre internet is 5 times faster than 3G mobile broadband and twice as fast as LTE.

Our goal is to connect everyone everywhere in the country. This is our drive and passion as we lead the country into the coming era of the internet of things.


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